STI Gonorrhea

“Neisseria gonorrhoeae” is the bacterium that causes gonorrhea, the second most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) frequently reported in the world that affects both men and women. This infection can affect anatomical sites from the urethra, cervix, pharynx and rectum.

Mode of transmission: 

It can be contracted by having anal, oral and sexual intercourse. vaginal exams with a person who has the infection or who has not completed their treatment. The infected mother can transmit the infection at the time of delivery.


About 10% of people have no symptoms.

  • Men: purulent discharge from the penis, edema of the penis, inflammation of testicles and rectum even arthritis.
  • Women: Purulent discharge, painful urination, bleeding between menstrual periods, and acute pelvic infection, inflammation of the rectum.


Gonorrhea is not preventable by vaccines. At Bioclinic Laboratories, Puerto Viejo,  the PCR test from urine by highly trained personnel, with the highest quality standards.

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